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Removal of Duplicate (Paper) Certificates of Title

Posted On: September 26, 2023 0 Comment


The removal of duplicate (paper) certificates of title from WA’s titling system. 

Duplicate Titles will no longer be issued and will be removed from WA’s land titling system.

From August 2023, Duplicate Titles will no longer be created or issued.

Any Duplicate Titles which are in existence from 7 August 2023 will no longer have any legal effect. Anyone who has a Duplicate Title will not need to return it to Landgate, destroy it or have it rendered invalid.

Duplicate Titles have been optional since 1996, so we have been transitioning to this point for a long time.

Many people may not be aware that a Duplicate Title has a number of limitations. For example, caveats, memorials, notifications and property (seizure and sale) orders have never appeared on a Duplicate Title, so it may not give a true indication of the encumbrances associated with a parcel of land.

Parties need to search the original Certificate of Title for this information.

So say goodbye to Duplicate Titles! 👋

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