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Vision Surveys Consulting is a combination of all our pillars of our business structure.


Vision Surveys Consulting was established in 2004 by Stuart Colam, founding Director, with the objective of providing clients with a quality experience when subdividing or developing. This mantra stills holds true today with our team of Licenced, project and engineering surveyors. We keep up to date with technical skills to deliver a consistently high standard of service regardless of which team member works on your project.

Surveying is one of many crucial elements that come together to create a project success story and we value the trust our clients put in us to provide accurate results in efficient timeframes to ensure any project moves along smoothly.


The most experienced developers have a team of people to tackle the complexity and bureaucracy of subdividing and development to achieve a successful project. We understand that each of our clients has various levels of knowledge, experience, and time availability. We make it a point to understand our clients needs and know how they want to contribute to their subdivision or development.

Meeting project schedules, problem solving and dealing with bureaucracy are part of every project. Each project is managed by a dedicated Project Consultant so our clients know exactly who to contact and hold accountable throughout the entire process.

When our clients put faith in us to manage their project from planning application to new titles, this means we manage the project as if it was our own personal subdivision or development.



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