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Subdivision Process – How to Subdivide in Perth

SUBDIVISION. Whether you have heard the word in a conversation, know someone going through the process or you are currently thinking about subdividing your own block, we are here to set the record straight on how to subdivide in Perth.

We understand that no two projects are alike and each block has its own unique way of being developed.

We will be breaking down the process step by step so you can gain a clear understanding of what is involved in subdividing your block.

Read more to find out how to subdivide in Perth with the team at Vision Surveys Consulting by your side.

Let’s develop your success story!


First things first. Our parents taught us that all good things take time and patience. Yep they were right…

Step 1 may take up to 3-4 months to complete. This stage lays a solid foundation for you to achieve the best possible outcome of your subdivision.

Firstly, we assess the site and create a detailed Feasibility Report
(you can book yours in here) which will tell you the zoning, lot size and encumbrances of your lot. This will allow us to advise you if your site can be subdivided, any obstacles we foresee and what type of development is possible.

We then gather information to do Feature and Contour survey which allows us to then create a subdivision design.

Once the above is complete, we can start the application for the subdivision application to the WA Planning Commission. This approval process may take up to 90 days so hold tight people. Patience is key.

When you have received your approval, you can move onto the next step and get started on Subdivision Works. You are on your way to developing your own success story.


Now you have the conditional approval in your hands, you need to satisfy all the approvals laid out.

Common examples are demolition and clearing of site, plumbing works, overhead to underground power, drainage, fencing and earthworks. Don’t forget about NBN design and construction. These works may take up to 3-4 months to complete.

With our experienced and reliable trades, we will book in a schedule of works to be carried out on site to meet all the conditions to a high standard. Otherwise you can opt to use your own set of trades and project manage this yourself.

If you are time poor, new to subdivision development or simply unable to deal with the high demands of your project, our full Project Management service is available.

We manage each project as if it were our very own and will ensure your project is a success.

Once all the works are completed, you have reached the halfway mark!

The Subdivision Process involves a series of steps to get you to your outcome.

Download our step by step flowchart here.



Now it’s time to submit the evidence that all works have been completed to meet the conditions.

All the required paperwork is submitted back to local authorities such as the relevant Local Council, Western Power and Water Corporation which may take from 3-4 weeks for the clearances to be issued.

Next the WA Planning Commission has the final sign off (30 statutory days) and will deal with Landgate to place it ‘In Order For Dealings’.

During this time we would have lodged the Subdivision Survey and Plan Drafting to Landgate.

After all the boxes are ticked, the end goal is to get this plan In Order For Dealings which means it is ready to be submitted for titles.


The final step of the subdivision process is to apply for new titles which may take from 2-4 weeks depending on circumstances.

We collate your survey strata documents, notifications and any restrictive covenants to note in the application.

If there is no bank involved, you can submit the new titles application to Landgate after it is “In Order for Dealings”.

Mortgagee’s consent request is required when a bank is involved which sometimes causes delays.

Once Landgate have approved the application, you can jump for joy as your new titles are now issued! Congratulations!

The 4 Step Process we have laid out may take a total of 9 months from start to finish.

Can it be done quicker? Yes it is possible however it is based on the condition on the site, works to be done and the management of the project as a whole.

If you have any questions on the subdivision process or would like a copy of the flowchart, we will be happy to assist.
Please call Vision Surveys Consulting, Perth’s subdivision specialists on (08) 6144 0000 or email
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