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Subdivision Feasibility Assessment

Subdivision Feasibility Assessment

A successful development story starts well before any pegs are placed on site. Before you knock on the doors of your local council seeking planning approval. You need to rewind right the way back to the very beginning and ask yourself one question – what’s possible?

Vision Surveys Consulting can reveal what you’re sitting on, before you get in too deep. Subdivision seems simple from the outside, but once you get into it, it’s easy to find yourself caught in a web of complexities that slam the brakes on progress. It could be an obscure planning regulation you have no idea how to get around or an unexpected bill worth tens of thousands of dollars. Suddenly your returns are looking thin, and your story is heading for an unhappy ending.

So, let’s see what’s possible. Our Feasibility Assessment is designed to quickly and simply provide a breakdown of cost estimates to complete your proposed subdivision in compliance with Local Council policies and the Western Australian Planning Commission planning regulations.

Feasibility Assessment inclusions:

  • The fees you can expect (government charges, utilities, contractors etc.)
  • Project timeframes
  • Identification of potential project inhibitors
  • An aerial image outlining subdivision possibilities
  • Certificate of Title assessment
  • Service information
  • Face-to-face meeting with one of our dedicated Project Consultants

Armed with all this in-depth information, you can sort out your finances and work out when payments are due to determine whether your plans are viable from the outset. It’s quick, easy, and the best way to make sure you develop a success story for your site.



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